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Angel Beats!
Hell yeah !
Another new anime release from Key and Aniplex!

Review :
In a world after death, angels fight for their fate and their future. Yuri, the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen, rebels against the god who destined her to have an unreasonable life. On the otherhand, Tenshi, the chairperson of the student council for the world after death, battles against the SSS members. SSS members utilize armed weaponry to battle it out against the angels harnessing supernatural powers.

Characters and Details :

1. Angel
Angel is one of the two main female protagonists of the anime. In ordinary life, she is the student council president but in reality she is a genuine angel who took the appearance of a girl in ordinary world. The main plot of the anime revolves around her rivalry with Yuri.

2. Yuri
Yuri, the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen, the rebellious fraction against the god who destined her to have an unreasonable life. She is one of the two main protagonist of the anime. She has a strong personality. She is the main rival of Angel.

3. Otonashi
Otonashi lost his memory in an accident and thus thinks his life has no meaning. Things start to change for him as the story progresses. He is the main male protagonist of the Angel Beats!

4. Hinata
Hinata is a bright young guy and everyone likes him for his kindness. He is very popular to new students as he has a helping attitude towards his juniors and newcomers at school.

5. Takamatsu
Takamatsu is a very calm and composed kind of a guy. He dislikes commotion and wants to avoid trouble as much as possible. His character is mysterious.

6. Noda
Noda is a guradian angel and uses a spade as his weapon. He is arrogant and never pays any heed to others, not even his comrades.

7. Shiina
Shhina is a rather reserved girl and has a girly attitude which is her weakness. She has an unknown angel ability which will be disclosed as the series progresses.

8. Yusa
Yusa is an observer during the missions and her ability is transmitting information and
help her team. She is a calm and gentle mannered girl.

9. Fujimaki
Fujimaki is fight-holic and the ‘bad-boy’ of the anime. He has a snobbish attitude and picking up fights is in his blood. He uses a wooden sword as his weapon.

10. T.K.
T.K. is the most mysterious character in Angel Beats!. His real name, whereabouts and past are unknown.

11. Matsushita
Matsushita is a Judo expert. He has a well-built body and narrow eyed, which earned him the reputation of being the ‘Kuma-san’ or Mr. Bear. His angel ability is Judo.

12. Oyama
Oyama is an ordinary school boy and unlike others, does not possess any angel ability like fighting skills or special powers. He is scared of fighting and the shota-type guy of the anime.

13. Iwasawa
She is a talented vocal and practices acoustic. She formed a band with her best friend Hisako. She also writes songs and composes music for her band. She is beautiful and has a warm heart.

14. Hisako
She is the co-founder of the band with Iwasawa. She is the lead guitarist of the band. She is smart, energetic and loves to pick on Sekine. Mahjong is one of her other interests alongside music.

15. Yui
Yui loves to play her guitar. She is a member of Iwasawa and Hisako’s band. She is full of life and life of the band itself. She wants to become a pro-musician.

16. Irie
Irie is fond of ghost stories but has the worst of it when it comes to anything about ghosts. She is cute and enjoys everything as much as she can. She plays drums in Iwasawa and Hisako’s band. She enjoys her time the most when Sekine is around.

17. Sekine
Sekine and Irie are best friends and both are in the same band formed by Iwasawa and Hisako. She is not a gifted musician like the rest of the band members but gives her best. Despite that, Hisako always acts as her senpai and teaches her ‘dos and don’ts’ in a band.

I think that’s all,since I can’t spoil all of the infos. 😛



  1. Just can’t wait to watch~!

    Key’s story was too perfect~!

  2. hi you guy from kaskus, amirite?

    btw kapan nih anime keluarnya??

    oh, and visit my blog if you do have any free time *promosi*

    • haha.yeah.
      agan kaskuser kan?
      anime angel beats kelarnya di April 2010 nih=3=
      masih lama tuh.
      tapi pastinya ga ngecewain,apalg artwrk chara-nya mantap~

  3. Wee. Chara Design bagus. Moe!
    Btw nanya… Itu airingnya kpan? Atau udah airing?

    • keluarnya April 2010 tuh,masih dalam pembuatan,soalnya.:D:D
      silakan ditunggu aja dulu,=))

  4. KYAH tambah pengen liat D8

    ada link buat trailer2nya ga?

    • link trailer2nya bakalan disatuin ke post anime trailer untuk spring,jadi harap tunggu ya.:)

  5. UOGGHHHH…. dikasih tau ama temen pas chatting di YM, pas dicek… astaga >,,,< masih cukup lama… moga daftar anime yg wa Follow bisa berkurang sebelum ini muncul nanti ;__;

    abis liat PV-nya juga ga kalah menarik melihat Key is involved here ;__;

    • hohoh..
      emang iya.lama sih,mudah2an ga ngecewain anime-nya.:D
      ngomong2 kan udah keluar tuh daftar anime Spring.ntar coba gw apdet di blog ya..

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