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Another anime review from me again~
this is a review about an anime that will be airing in winter 2009 .The name is quite different,imo.but,who cares,if the anime will be good,right?

Here’s the synopsis :
The story takes place in Ikebukuro, a district of Tokyo. Teenage punks gang up and fight against each other. The gangsters are afraid of an urban legend called “Dullahan”, a headless rider, who rides a black motorcycle without head lights or engine sounds. Ryuugamine Mikado is a normal high school boy who seeks peculiar beings. When he moves in to Ikebukuro, a mad scramble for Dullahan’s missing head breaks out.

Some informations about the anime :
-Main Characters
1. Shizuo Heiwajima
Shizuo Heiwajima
Seiyuu : Ono, Daisuke
2. Masaomi Kida
Masaomi Kida
Seiyuu : Miyano, Mamoru
3. Shinra Kishitani
Shinra Kishitani
Seiyuu : Fukuyama, Jun
4. Izaya Orihara
Izaya Orihara
Seiyuu : Kamiya, Hiroshi

– Type: TV

– Episodes: 24

– Aired: Jan 7, 2010 to ?

– Producers: Brains Base, Aniplex

– Genres: Action, Romance, Shounen

– Duration: 20 min. per episode

OMG,Fukuyama Jun is one of the seiyuus in this anime.His voice is great,imo.That’s why I’ll put this anime into “plan-to-watch” list in MAL.:D


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