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My Arts
this is the image that i made for my book.dunno where i did the idea,but this looks great,isn’t it?lol

ok,start with the top:
– Gunslinger Girl
No doubt,I love this anime.Loli with guns gives lots of pleasure,I think
– Seitokai no ichizon (Hekiyou Gakuen Seitokai)
Lots of parodies,dramas,and jokes.Refreshes my brain when I watched lots of anime.:D
Who deosn’t know about this company?This company brought me into ‘moe-licious’ ideology in visual novels.lol
– Little Busters
Well,I could say that this is one of Key’s masterpiece work.Lots of attractive things in this visual novel.
– Clannad
Best tear-jerking visual novel and anime.both of them are recommended by me to play and watch the anime.:D

At the bottom,you can see lots of logos.Who are they,they are riders’ logo.Most of them are good,but I like the bottom-right one(the logo looked like W alphabet).
looks great,even the storyline kinda bit trash, i think.

Well,that’s all.Lemme show my artworks later.:D


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